If you do not want to spoil the fun of getting to figure out your own efficient designs, DO NOT PROCEED.

Otherwise, if you're having troubles figuring out how to make your designs or want to compare your own to the ones below, than feel free to proceed.

ALSO, if you think you have a something to add or change, you may do so in this area as well.


3x3 (CW, CCW, and 180°)

3x3 Rotator by AndrewMCool2287

8x9 all halves
Rotator-things .jpg

  1. Right half
  2. Left half
  3. Bottom half
  4. Top half

Stacker/Color Mixer

2- Shape Stacker/Color Mixer

5x2 (5x10 mixer) (5x16 stacker) Can stack shapes side-by-side

for stacking upwards use 6x2 design.

5x2 mixer.png
color mixer fast
Screenshot 2021-03-30 175725.png
6x2 (6x10 mixer) (6x16 stacker)

3- Shape Stacker/Color Mixer

8 5x2.png
can stack shapes side by side

for stacking upwords use 10x2 design

9x2 - 3 colors.png
can stack shapes side by side

for stacking upwords use 10x2 design

10x2 3-shape Stacker.png
8x3 3 shape stacker.png

3-Shape Stacker by Aurel60

3-Shape Stacker (Inverted) by Aurel60


3-Shape Stacker 6x5 by DelphiXE

Double Paint Mixer 6x5 by DelphiXE

5x6 Double Paint Mixer by MaxBolBas


Double Paint Mixer 4x7 by SMA


original probably by uıǝʍɥɔsɹǝǝW on discord

in usage

4- Shape Stacker


probably original? design by Hypermobile / Kiwi


probably original? design by freact


probably original? design by freact

12x2 (first 3 layers) 2x3 (4th layer)

I used this for tier 5 for painting


Single Painter



slim 4x5 painter by MaxBolBas

4x4 (GodlessDeveloper)
Can have inputs and outputs going either left to right, right to left or any mixture of the two
4x4 (Terry Iyou)

Dual Painters


basic block by MaxBolBas

Using above image to make blue half squares. With little changes to make user-friendly.

minimal usable block

A better view at usage:

File:Dual painters 2.png


Painter by DelphiXE

Double Painter

Double painter by Aurel60.png
6x4 double painter.png

5x5 double painter by Aurel60

5x5 double painter by MaxBolBas


5x4 double painter by jwolfie78


8x3 Stackable by SomeProChips or ii.hufflep4ffxi#5938


6x3 Stackable

Two lanes painting

8x4 (2+1 in, 2 out)

Can paint two lanes of different shapes at once. Inspired by Lotus, adjusted by MaxBolBas

Example of usage.

Consumes 1 paint lane for 2 lanes of shapes.

Splitter version can have slight throughput issues under full load.

Using two divided output lanes is recommended.

Full array


7x10 double painter array by Alex_x90#5041 on Discord

Quad Painter


11x5 Quad Painter by MaxBolBas


9x6 Quad Painter by Trashman23 & princeofodd

7x7 Quadpainter.png

Shape input and output both on the same path but not the same line by MaxBolBas

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 08.08.17.png
same-ish design like the one below but i didnt know that this was a design already

8x5 Quad Painter - you can do this without the gaps to make it look nicer, but it will cost you more blueprint shapes.

10x6 stackable quad-painter
Note that color inputs are flipped when hitting painter - As indicated by the matching A, B, C, D labels.
Note: color inputs are flipped when hitting painter.
6x12 quad-painter (stackable)
(Not pictured: Output line.)
6x10 quad-painter (stackable) by Mars kritiqual Does not currently work. (Overlapping tunnels.)

6x10 Quad Painter - Based on Terry Iyou's idea, but smaller.

6x10 quad painter (wiring).png
10x9 non-stackable double quad-painter
QuadPaint 10x9 nonstack 1.png
QuadPaint 10x9 nonstack 2.png


Half Cutter

Keeping both halves


submitted by GhostieFans


Submitted by JustANobody2107

Keeping right half

4x2 - 2x7
Half cutters.png

Quad Cutter


different output layouts by MaxBolBas

8x4 Quadcutter.png

Main variants by MaxBolBas


variant by MaxBolBas

6x3 quarter cutter.png


Assembler factories consist of a combination of only cutters and stackers and are capable of producing one or more complex shapes. Examples are full windmills, 1/4 + 3/4 shapes, double rate diagonals, and a factory for producing every basic shape from a shape that is made from quarters of all the shapes.


A windmill shape is this: WuWuWuWu

Windmills do not occur naturally in the game, and have to be made. Half windmills and quarter windmills can be found. To make windmills you have to use cutters and stackers. RuRuWuWu shapes are the only half windmills that spawn naturally.

1-Windmill Piece

16x5 (4 in, 1 out)

Upper right pieces by MaxBolBas.

2-Windmill Piece

7x4 (2 in, 1 out)

Throughput constrained by merger, one input must be pre-rotated by 180°

example of usage:

Windmill/Star array by MaxBolBas

8x2 (1 in, 0.5 out)

Windmill from halves

4x5 (1 in, 0.5 out)

Throughput constrained by cutter, output perpendicular to input

example of usage:

1 output belt array by MaxBolBas

6x3 (1 in, 0.5 out)

Input Must have 2 Windmill Pieces on the Top left and Bottom Left of shape.

example of usage:

Windmill Array

Complex Shapes

Blueprint maker

A blueprint shape is this: CbCbCbRb:CwCwCwCw

The shapes are used when pasting a copy. Bottom layer shape can be found in the world naturally or made.

Using Natural Shapes


Uses premade (found) shapes.

Array by MaxBolBas (also Absolute_Human on reddit)

33x11 (Full design)

Double painter full array design by Anntauri

10x28 (Full Design)

10x28 blueprint maker by Guangdengguan

Making Shapes

Bluprint Base Maker.png

Logo Maker

A logo shape is this: RuCw--Cw:----Ru--

Warning!! This is the ultimate spoiler! Do not proceed if you like to have fun playing the game by yourself!


An old example of such build using painted white circles. Made before the wires update fixed stacker behavior. By u/Absolute_Human


16x4 with painting (or 14x4 minimized)

Was the most compact before the wires update. by u/raynquist


Probably the most compact post wires update. by u/Kahyxen


Can accept both full circles and bottom halves. Finalized version by MaxBolBas (u/Absolute_Human), original idea somewhere from discord

9x8 (8x8 if compacted)

original by u/DrewTuber (also worked before the wires)


by MaxBolBas (u/Absolute_Human)

First posted here
15x8 with painting (double)

Using minimum paint and shapes by MaxBolBas (u/Absolute_Human)


Logo Shape Makers Without Quad Cutter

Logo Maker Designed And Made By AstroTheRandom011. Inspired By The 16x4 Maker. Uses No Quad Cuts.

Screenshot 2021-02-06 at 4.14.21 PM.png
Logo Shape Maker By AstroTheRandom. He Tried but most likely used a wee bit too much space.
Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 5.00.26 PM.png

Usage Of Logo Maker:

Rocket Shape Maker

A rocket shape is this: CbCuCbCu:Sr------:--CrSrCr:CwCwCwCw

It is very useful for upgrades and unlocking freeplay, but it is very hard to make. Here is some help.


Credit to Harmen Mulder. Uses (from top to bottom) CbCuCbCu, Sr(random quadrant)SrCr, and CwCwCwCW.


uses red half stars (by MaxBolBas)


uses particular found shape painted red and unpainted dummy shapes (by MaxBolBas)

Purple Shape and White Star Maker

This shape is this: CpRpCp--:SwSwSwSw

These shapes are used for upgrading in later levels. One alternative is to use a blueprint maker but with premade purple and premade bottom shape.

Purple Shape and White Star (18x5) by Spartelfant

Purple Shape and White Star (18x5) by Spartelfant

Tiling 8 of these modules produces a full belt of output. For inputs this takes full belts of red (2x), green, blue (2x), SuSuSuSu, and CuRuCu-- (the empty corner can be anything as that quadrant is discarded).

Submitted by JustANobody2107

Smart factories

Factories that uses filters to perform selective actions.


Universal Mixer
Universal mixer.png
Universal mixer wires.png
Shape selector
Shape selector.png
Shape selector wires.png
2 layer stacker
Stacks into 2 layers when normally a stacker would stack them into 1 layer
Such as logo shape
The top input is considered the top layer
The bottom input is considered the bottom layer
The middle input is junk pieces that end up being trashed.
Top output is "top" layer
Bottom output is "bottom" layer.
This example outputs left and right halves of target shape. If one half of output shape is 2 layers and the other half is 1 layer then the half that is 1 layer will be output at the top output if it belongs in the upper layer and will be output at the lower output if it belongs to the lower layer. The 2 layer half will use the remaining output belt.
If shapes can be stacked into 2 layers normally then the 2 input shapes are ouput unchanged.
The actual final stack of 2 layers not shown.
In a everything machine this outputs up to 2 of the final 4 pieces that can be stacked sequentially top to bottom for final 4 layer shape.
Warning my design is not fully tested. Use at own risk.
2 layer stacker.png
2 layer stacker wires 1.png
2 layer stacker wires 2.png
2-layer stacker example
4 belt output
Everything machine.png
Everything machine schematic.png

See also: Efficient Designs#Everything Machines

Overflow Gates

Wires Update allows use of filters which is generally superior to using overflow gate logic.

Storage units prioritize the top output lane. If the top output belt becomes blocked/backed up then it will start using the lower belt.
This can be exploited in useful ways.
Here is a painter than will output uncolored shapes if no pigment is given.
Pigementless painter.png
If no pigment is given then the painter shape input belt backs up. This causes the overflow gate to output unpainted shapes using the other path bypassing the printer.
One problem with overflow gates is that they stop working as desired if your belts backup for reasons other than what you intend. To avoid this you can add these to prevent belts from backing up.
Prevents line backups.png
Here is an example of a universal colour mixer
Universal color mixer2.png

Other Designs

Rotate one shape

If you have upgraded one and not the other this will help divide it up and avoid a speed loss. This is not necessary when rotator and belt are at same speed.

If you want full shapes made from two left and two right halves:

Combines left and right halves to themselves (by MaxBolBas)

Combined factory example

Example of multiple-designs combined to make a shape.

Everything Machines

Share your everything machine here with the template:

Overlap size length x width
Creator of machine Physical Wires Inputs Efficiency
Length & width and image of physical Length & width and image of wires State what items go in which belts Overlap size in square units divided by how many belts outputted divided by how many belts of input turned into a decimal

Can be found with

Helpful vocab:

  • overlap size: pretend everything is on one layer. If you find the size of the machine on that imaginary layer, you will get an overlap size
  • physical/wires: physical has white (or black with standalone) background and you can place belt, balancer, etc. In wires the background is green and you can place wires, wires crossings, etc.

If you don't know how to format table, find size, or find rates, just post pics in the comments

See also: Everything Machines

Extended Hubs

Extended Hubs are just hubs but bigger. Great to leave some space for them when you need to make blueprint shapes.

Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 1.03.17 PM.png
A Extended Hub By AstroTheRandom011. It's expensive but worth it.